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She Did!


Lora Rosemon

Lora is the Founder of Joli Ide, speaker, thought leader, and free spirit at heart.

She created Joli Ide to inspire women's Mental & Spiritual Wellness through guidance and creating a culture that affirms self-worth.

Lora's passion and purpose in mental & spiritual wellness began after
the loss of her only sister in 2011, by suicide. This tragedy led her on a mission to spread awareness on Bipolar Disorder and Suicide Prevention.

Lora’s focus shifted after facing her own struggles of loss, grief, and
everything in between, to helping people uncover their truth. By unlearning old beliefs, embracing stillness, and embodying greater presence, her pointing's guide you inward, nurturing your spirit, to experience life with more intention,
peace, clarity.

*Joli Ide stands for Beautiful Mind.

Learn more of Lora's story at

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