Success is waiting

In this fast-paced, yet entertaining and engaging training, you will learn strategic steps that will position you and your team for success.

  *If employee turnover is prevalent in your company, this is the session for you.

  *If employee buy-in is minimal, this session will equip you with the steps to foster employee engagement.  


You and your team will leave this session empowered and ready to be successful!


What are you waiting for? Success is waiting! 

Tap into your superpower:

letting the heart lead

In this inspiring keynote, attendees will be lead down a road of authentic, transparent and caring leadership tactics that help to create cohesive, engaged, and productive teams.  This energetic keynote will guide professionals and leaders down the path of creating personal and team success. Every attendee will learn that when tapping into their superpower and when utilizing a heart-forward leadership approach, we set ourselves and our teams up for extraordinary wins and successes.


Key Messages:

- What being a Heart Forward Leader means and why it's important to a teams success

- 4 key characteristics a Heart Forward Leader should activate


Bridging the Generation Gap for Success

Multiple generations working together on one team can be taxing and frustrating but can also result in extraordinary success.

This funny yet educational training will shine a light on what makes each generation unique and how leaders can utilize those attributes, some that may very well be annoying, to work together for the team, creating a multi-generational, cohesive and hyper-productive workforce.

Participants will be tasked with reaching a goal set at the start of the session by taking a journey with key characters from five generations. They will learn how to work as one team, utilizing the strengths of each generation as well as acknowledging the deficiencies.


At the conclusion of the training, participants will leave with strategic tactics and information on working cohesively with each generation.


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