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On a daily basis, in our companies and departments, there are signs of discontent, and probably even more so today with more businesses working remotely, the stresses of COVID and homeschooling, and so many of those signs are being ignored. Workplaces are suffering from unfilled positions, lost customers, overworked staff,  and unnecessary turnover. Turnover is expensive and should be a high priority for all companies.


Did you know? 

37.9% of employees voluntarily left their jobs within 365 days or less. Just food for thought, employees who leave in the first 90 days deliver little to no return on the investment made to hire them. (Stats provided by Workforce Institute)

35% are on-trend to leave their jobs each year by 2023.

Just last year alone, $630 Billion was lost to employee turnover and almost $500 Billion of that could have been prevented. 

So, why exactly, are employees leaving?

Career development - 20% of employees quit their jobs due to a lack of growth and development opportunities. 

Work-Life Balance -  12% quit because of their schedule and comment.

Leadership behavior has 12 out of 100 employees quitting because of leadership unprofessionalism, poor treatment, and a lack of support. 

This is where Vaughn Media steps in. We have the perfect training to decrease voluntary turnovers. It's our Heart Forward Leadership Training Program.

*Implement the entire training program or let's customize a Heart Forward Leadership training just for you.



Pre-Leadership & Team Audit

Online anonymous audit for both leader and team to assess Transparency, Awareness, Accountability, and Being Others Centered.


Leader & Team Strategy Session

Conduct a strategic planning session to align team with company vision and mission as well as foster conversation for goals and desired outcomes. This promotes employee buy-in and engagement.


Customized Training

Provides an opportunity for the leader and team to learn key factors for working as one to drive results. Areas focus on Leadership Principles, Emotional Intelligence, Executive Presence, Personality Traits, Conflict Resolution and more.


Post-Leadership & Team Audit

An online anonymous post audit to check for change based on the initial leadership & team audit.

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