Every year, we create a beautiful vision board and are told that you can manifest whatever you dream of if it's in front of you. Well, I'm here to tell you, your vision board is not a genie in a bottle. You can't display anything if you don't put in the work. Don't fret. This workbook, Dreams UnleaSHEd, will serve as your guide to achieving all you desire, whether it be for business, personal, or both! This 52-week strategic goal setting workbook will help you envision what you want to accomplish and guide you by creating a plan to achieve your biggest dreams.

-Start with your vision. Where you want to be. What you'd like to accomplish

-Understand your why so that you will stay on track for the entire year

-Create a plan and work the plan

-Celebrate every accomplishment


Publication Date     1/14/2021

Language               English

ISBN                       9781716238932

Category                Notebooks & Journals

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Contributors           By (author):   Chaun Vaughn

Dreams UnleaSHEd

A 52 Week Strategic Goal Setting Workbook

by Chaun Vaughn


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