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Strategic Planning Session

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What VM's strategic planning session focuses on:

  • Mission/Vision of the company - We will take a deep look into understanding fully what the company/department does and what the company/department wants to become based on the Mission and Vision. This is also a time utilized to review these statements to ensure they still speak to what the organization wants to accomplish.

  • Core Values and Work Culture - What do you stand for and does the work culture reflect these values

  • Goals, and Strategies - What is the company/department committed to achieving and how will those goals be achieved


What You Can Expect To Achieve

Ability to picture the future

Establish a strategic process and framework to reach the vision

Solidify Clear outcomes for the year and framework to reach the vision

Review and Adapt

This session comes equipped with

SWOT Analysis Worksheet


SMART Goals Worksheet


An Employee Survey Would be Provided Upon Request


Foam Boards(If ending the session with a vision board activity)


This strategic planning session minimum requirement is a 7 hour day workshop

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