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Strategic Planning Tips

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Get quick and easy tips around strategic planning as Chaun Vaughn covers

Why Strategic Planning? In 60 Seconds

Why is having a strategic plan necessary and what does it entail? A quick 60-second answer provided. For more info on conducting a strategic planning session, visit and schedule a discovery call. #strategicplanning #businesssuccess

Why Strategic Plans Fail

Stagnant? Confused? Wondering why your competitors are making more advances than you are? Could it be that you aren't using a productive strategic plan for your business? Chaun Vaughn of VaughnMedia takes an honest approach to highlighting why your strategic plan is failing. If any of this sounds familiar, be sure to contact Chaun, as she can create an indestructible strategic plan to bring success back to your business! #strategy #strategicplanning


Learn in 90 seconds my top 5 reasons for why strategic plans fail.

The 4 Phases Of Strategic Planning 

Having a good strategic plan in place for your business is like taking your car in for a much-needed oil change. When was the last time you checked to see if your business was thriving or just eking by? Chaun Vaughn of VaughnMedia explains the very valuable stages of Strategic planning for your business, #Formulation #Communication #Implementation #Evaluation. Make sure to subscribe and follow today!

Preparing for a Strategic Planning Session

Need help gearing up for your first strategic planning session? Struggling to figure out just how to implement all those objectives and goals into an achievable reality?  Chaun Vaughn gives you the tools you need to set you up for success! Still, feeling overwhelmed? Don't hesitate! Contact VaughnMediallc today for your next strategic planning session!

Building Your Strategic Base: Mission, Vision, Values

In order to create a successful strategic plan, your base has to be solid. What is your base, you may ask? Well, it includes having a strong Mission, Vision, and Values Statement. Find out what each of these statements requires in this quick video strategic planning tip.

Why Strategic Planning?
Why Strategic Plans Fail
The 4 Phases of a Strategic Plan
Preparing for a Strategic Plan
Building Your Strategic Base
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