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The Link Between Emotions & Leadership

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Emotional Intelligence is said to be needed for leaders more so than their IQ. When you have emotional intelligence, you are able to recognize your emotional triggers and learn how to use them to your benefit. You are also able to foresee potential problems before they arise, communicate more effectively, easily solve difficult problems, all while motivating and inspiring your team.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Why Emotional Intelligence matters more than IQ

  • The science behind our emotions

  • The three phases of emotional understanding

  • The four components of EI

  • How to manage emotional triggers in various situations

  • Activities and tactics to use for becoming emotionally intelligent

**Emotional Intelligence has a vast educational system and the course can be tailored to what is best suited for your organization.

Now is the time to learn the secrets of Emotional Intelligence(EI) and how EI will allow you to get the best from others and how to get others to change their negative behaviors. Whether you are a team leader or a team member, the skills you’ll master in this workshop will set your team on the path to being more committed and collaborative therefore creating a motivated, productive and cohesive team.


This course comes equipped with:

  • Emotional Intelligence Workbook

  • Emotional Intelligence Quiz and Self-Assessment

The Link Between Emotions & Leadership.p
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