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Are You Looking to Motivate & Inspire Your Team?

At Vaughn Media, we believe your team's potential is Infinite!

All that is needed is a little fun, a dash of inspiration, and a splash of motivation to unleash high productivity, team collaboration, and effective communication.

Allow Vaughn Media, LLC to be your go-to for in-person & virtual training resources. Offering High-Energy keynotes to "Crafted Just for You" training sessions in core areas such as:



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& More



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Heart Forward Leadership

On a daily basis, in our companies and departments, there are signs of discontent, and probably even more so today with working remotely, the stresses of COVID and homeschooling, and so many of those signs are being ignored. Staff is overworked; empty positions are unfilled, and there is unnecessary, voluntary turnover. Turnover is expensive, but 78% of employees who leave can be retained when leadership practices are addresses.

The Link Between Emotions & Leadership (Emotional Intelligence)

Emotional Intelligence (EI) has become an important topic for leaders and their teams. Understanding EI can help leaders and their team's work together effectively. In this session, we dive deep into:

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence and the science behind it

  • Recognizing our emotions and their triggers

  • Discovering how to respond vs. react in the moment

The Link Between Emotions & Leadership.p

Strategic Planning Workshop

Establishing your company's culture must first begin with understanding the company's mission and vision statement. From there, helping the team understand how they fit into the company's vision is essential for buy-in. It has been proven when team members are involved in the planning phase, they have greater buy-in to the mission and vision and are more engaged.


If you're looking to create an achievable strategy to take you from where you are in business to where you want to be, this strategic planning session is for you.

Complete with engaging exercises, thoughtful and open communication, and an actionable strategy to move forward on, time tailored workshop can be the game-changer for your company and/or your team.

Communicate For Success

Effective communication is going to be the driving force behind a productive and efficient team. This session will help ensure that the goals set in place by the team and the lessons learned regarding emotional intelligence, which plays a major role in communication, can be carried out.

Own The Room - Developing Executive Process

Executive Presence is the perception of those around you and your capability of having substance and commanding authority, being trustworthy, and inspiring others. This can make or break your climb to the top. In this session, we cover what Executive Presence is and how to display it.

From Conflict To Collaboration

When working with a team of diverse people with various personality styles, conflict is bound to arise. when it does, to foster a cohesive team environment, you must determine how to handle conflict.

Diversity, equity and inclusion: The Blueprint

A business's success today looks quite different than in the past. Now, to truly have a successful operation, a company and its team must embody creativity, agility, resilience, and innovation. Most importantly, a thriving, successful company must be open to change and start the intentional conversation around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

These three simple, yet powerful terms should become a part of every company's strategic planning process and outcome. What does it take to truly invest in DE&I and be successful? This session will take you through understanding each aspect of DE&I and creating an implementation plan.

Guiding Star Personality Trait Workshop

New Session Coming August 2023!





In this fast-paced, yet entertaining and engaging training, you will learn strategic steps that will position you and your team for success.

  *If employee turnover is prevalent in your company, this is the session for you.

  *If employee buy-in is minimal, this session will equip you with the steps to foster employee engagement.  


You and your team will leave this session empowered and ready to be successful!


What are you waiting for? Success is waiting! 


In this inspiring keynote, attendees will be lead down a road of authentic, transparent, and caring leadership tactics that help to create cohesive, engaged, and productive teams.  This energetic keynote will guide professionals and leaders down the path of creating personal and team success. Every attendee will learn that when tapping into their superpower and when utilizing a heart-forward leadership approach, we set ourselves and our teams up for extraordinary wins and successes.


Key Messages:

- What being a Heart Forward Leader means and why it's important to a teams success

- 4 key characteristics a Heart Forward Leader should activate


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Multiple generations working together on one team can be taxing and frustrating but can also result in extraordinary success.

This funny yet educational training will shine a light on what makes each generation unique and how leaders can utilize those attributes, some that may very well be annoying, to work together for the team, creating a multi-generational, cohesive and hyper-productive workforce.

Participants will be tasked with reaching a goal set at the start of the session by taking a journey with key characters from five generations. They will learn how to work as one team, utilizing the strengths of each generation as well as acknowledging the deficiencies.


At the conclusion of the training, participants will leave with strategic tactics and information on working cohesively with each generation.


Why Vaughn Media

Chaun Vaughn, Founder of Vaughn Media, LLC, and author of Being Heart Forward, feels that in today's business world, there are too many leaders stuck in a rigid, traditional leadership model. This particular style has proven to be unproductive and ineffective for the workforce of today. Instead of perpetuating the old, Chaun has chosen to help leaders usher in a more productive leadership style by promoting her Heart Forward Leadership of Transparency, Awareness, Accountability, and being Others Centered model that resonates with all personalities and generations alike. 

"Leadership growth is very personal to me because I have experienced both great and bad leadership influencers and I understand the impact a leader has on the team. It can literally make or break the team. This is why I focus so much on what I call Heart Forward Leadership. I’ve seen first hand how leading from the heart versus the traditional “parenting style” leadership positively affects the team."


With Vaughn Media, LLC, you are getting a passionate, results-driven action plan that is focused on developing a more productive and cohesive team, bridging the communication gap, ultimately reducing employee turnover, and ensuring that our clients can continually produce successful leaders. 

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