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A Chaun Vaughn Company

Vaughn Media is a fresh, innovative company focused on impacting leaders  through in-person trainings, speaking engagements, and online content

We wanted someone who would energize our team and make strategic planning and goal setting fun. We found that in Chaun.

Misha McClure, Public Relations  Manager

Your Heart Forward Leadership Guide

Chaun Vaughn, the owner of Vaughn Media, LLC and author of Being Heart Forward, feels that in today's business world, there are too many leaders stuck in a rigid, traditional leadership model. This particular style has proven to be unproductive and ineffective for the workforce of today. Instead of perpetuating the old, Chaun has chosen to help leaders usher in a more productive leadership style by promoting her Heart Forward Leadership model that resonates with all personalities and generations alike. 

Chaun and her team are passionate about providing speaking and training engagements for the purpose of developing more productive and cohesive teams, bridging the communication gap, and ensuring that companies have a rock-solid mission and vision that will set a new standard for other businesses.

Vaughn Media, LLC speaks and trains at 40+ events each year and consults with on average, 5 companies.

Watch Chaun in Action

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